Tabasco Sweet & Spicy Sauce, 12 X 256 ML


Minimum quantity: 1
Order quantity: 1
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Expiry date:03/10/2024

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Product code:8448
EAN code:30011210694003
Available: Sufficient stock
Country of origin Netherlands
Consumer unit (CU) Piece
Barcode (CU) 11210694002
Net weight in KG (CU) 0,15
Gross weight in KG (CU) 0,26
Length in cm (CU) 5,70
Width in cm (CU) 5,70
Height in cm (CU) 17,00
Sales unit (SU) Case
Barcode (SU) 30011210694003
Number of CU per Salesunit (SU) 12
Gross weight (SU) 5,23
Length (SU) 23,50
Width (SU) 17,80
Height (SU) 19,00
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